Tuesday, August 5, 2014

She did Something awesome with waste bottle caps.

We all dump things like bottle caps and bottles or give them for re-cycling. Olga Kostina, a pensioner from village of Kamarchaga, in the Siberian Taiga, Russia had 30,000 waste bottle caps. Kostina decorated her home with all of those caps. Kostina used the conventional macrame technique and knit knots to fabricate the design . She made distinctve and dominant theme for decorating and hammered every lid with the help of hammer and a nail . She also made murals after placing the lids . This is creativity at it's best. Plastic bottle caps have been used as art medium for a while now. Source- drugoi

Kostina used all of the lids and made in a similar design.

She painted on the bottle caps after fixing the caps from nails and hammer.

Olga shows made traditional designs and motifs.

Kostina painted animal shapes on the lid.

A close up of the lids .

A painted mural at Olga's home.

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